About Cartuator
About the brand Cartuator
Our company has two brands, Cartuator and Antuator. Cartuator specializes in electric roof lift systems and Antuator is the electric linear actuator brand.

The brand “Cartuator” was established by Shanghai Sito Motor Co., Ltd. for the research and development of the pop-up roof electric lifting system. Cartuator electric lifting systems are equipped with its brand (ANTUATOR) in-line actuators, ANTUATOR in-line actuators perfectly match the technical and performance requirements of pop-up roof lifting with its slim and compact appearance size and super waterproof performance.

At the same time, our excellent R & D team is full of innovative spirit and has developed multiple solutions to match the roofs of different RVs. Compared with most of the pop-up roofs on the market that are manually opened and closed with gas struts, Cartuator electric lifting systems open and close the pop-up roofs automatically with one click, also manually lower the pop-up roof in case of an emergency such as a power cut. This kind of fully electrically opened and closed lifting roofs are simpler and labor-saving and can provide many conveniences for outdoor campers, so they can spend more time and energy enjoying the pleasure of camping, rather than complicated and tedious roof operations.

Up to now, Cartuator has five types of electric roof lifting systems for RV, which can match the vast majority of models in the market, such as pop-up camper vans, pop-up caravans and rooftop tents.

About the brand Cartuator

Our culture
Our Mission
Our Mission
We provide the optimal value actuation solutions for the global outstanding enterprises.
Our Vision
Our Vision
ANTUATOR in-line linear actuators to be the irreplaceable electric actuator systems and ANTUATOR brand to be the irreplaceable brand.
Our culture
Our culture
We advocate football team culture as Unity, Collaboration, Responsibility, Enterprising, Persistence and Win-Win.
Our strengths

Production Scale

The manufacturing takes place in Oukai industrial park of Huzhou, covering an area of 3000 square meters. The facility adheres to the quality management system standards, as indicated by ISO9001.

Precision Technology, Exclusive Customization

Customize your RV electric pop-up roof lift system according to your unique design and brand requirements, enhancing the allure and functionality of your RVs. Stand out in the market by boosting efficiency and capturing attention with our distinctive designs.

The Antuator electric linear actuator in our pop-up roof lift system is compact and powerful, making it ideal for various RV models. It maximizes space and enables multifunctional integration, providing flexibility in design and functionality.

Quality & Inspection

Our electric pop-up roof lift systems have obtained CE, RoHS, and UL certifications. Our company has an industry-leading testing center equipped with comprehensive capabilities for EMC, safety regulations, product physical performance, and metrology. Before shipment, we conduct not only random sampling but also a full inspection of all products to ensure quality compliance.

Quick response

Drawing finished in one days, Sample made in 10 days, sample shipped at 15th day, Mass production achieved within 25 days

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