Aluminum/stainless steel ANT-38*4 or ANT-52*2 wall mounting bracket*1, front mounting bracket*1,rear mounting bracket*1, wired hand
controller*1, synchronous controller*1, remote controller*1,Momentary rocker switch*1
  • Main features:Open and close the pop up roofs automatically with one click.

  • Max load capacity :2000 KG

  • Max lifting height:800mm

  • Max lifting speed:55mm/s

  • Installation dimensions:can be customized according to lifting height

  • Installation method:self installation with mounting brackets

  • Total weight:Actuators 2.9kg*4=11.6kg

  • wall mounting bracket, front mounting bracket,
  • rear mounting bracket:0.5kg
  • Total weight around 12.1kg
  • Customizable items:lifting height, load capacity

  • Applicable RV models:Caravan and truck camper

Drawing Dimensions

CART- ERL- P01(图1)

CART- ERL- P01(图2)

CART- ERL- P01(图3)

CART- ERL- P01(图4)

CART- ERL- P01(图5)

CART- ERL- P01(图6)


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