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Do you have standard off-the-shelf products?
Yes, the CART-ERL-P04 and CART-ERL-P04 is are both standards except the CART-ERL-X01, CART-ERL-Xx02, CART-ERL-P01.
But the electric roof lift systems can be customized to our customers based on their specific RV roof needs.
What is the maximum load supported by your electric roof lift system?
The max load of Cartuator X01 is 65KG, X02 is 70KG, P01 is 360KG,P04 is 200KG,P05 is 100KG.
What is the max lifting height of the electric roof lift system?
The max lifting height of Cartuator X01/X02 is1000mm, P01 is 800mm,P04 is 740mm, P05 is 750mm.
How can I customize the electric roof lift system?
You need confirm the weight of your roof, the height of your roof lift, and confirm whether you have enough space for installation
Are your electric pop-up roof lift system resistant to harsh weather conditions ?
The Antuator linear actuators in the lifting system have an IP67M rating, which means they are dustproof and waterproof.
Can you provide controls?
Yes, The complete electric pop-up roof lift system includes the controller But the controller is not sold separately.
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