Electric pop-up roof lift system

Roof tent, also known as the roof of the caravan "home", with the automobile manufacturing industry and the development of the peripheral industry. The rise of domestic car ownership, self-driving tourism is gradually heating up, the car roof tent is one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-driving tour. In fact, roof-top tent camping is not a lifestyle that has only emerged in recent years, it has a long history in Africa and Australia, and Americans have quickly taken a liking to this tent. The following 1961 roof tent, called "Trotent", accommodates two people, but also with a changing room, looks cool.

At present, there are various structural forms of roof tent pole unfolding and folding, some are completely manual operation, some can be semi-automatic operation by hand crank, some can achieve fully automatic operation.

Roof tent structure is more complex, in the installation and use of the process requires tedious operation, especially in the roof of the tent to open and fold the process, there is a certain risk to personal safety, completely manual operation will gradually be eliminated. Semi-automatic is mostly used to support the gas spring, gas spring movement is slow, not fully automatic, still need human operation, bearing capacity is generally not high, the use of life is relatively short. Now a small electric linear actuator can fully realize the roof tent automatically unfolded and folded, the owner only need to operate in the campers can be unfolded tent, no manual, lift flexible, avoid the trouble of handy tent, save a lot of energy and time, linear actuators make the pop top roof tent more high compressive strength, greatly enhance the wind resistance of the tent. 

Why choose Cartuator electric roof lift systems?

lim design:

Antuator inline linear actuator minimum outer diameter is only 16MM, the maximum is only 52MM, the slim design reduces the burden of RV and does not occupy space.

High IP rating:

Antuator linear actuators’ IP rating is IP67M/IP69k so they can protect from water and dusty.

Long lifecycle:

Antuator linear actuator has a long life of 60,000 times, which can meet the frequent use of the top roof tents.

Customized actuator Solutions for pop top roof tents:

We can help Customize the electric actuator which can help to open the pop top roof such as arm bracket and control system.

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