The test of our customer about the CARTUATOR Electric Roof Lift System

CARTUATOR has been a must-have for many RV manufacturers to open their RV top roof tents with automatic roof raising system. The following is a year-long field test of the Cartuator electric top roof lifting system by our customers. Customer testing shows that it is perfectly matched with the RV roof lift in terms of supporting, performance, service life, protection level, etc., mainly its easy installation, small volume and light weight, without manual, one key can open the RV roof tent, to achieve manual to automatic transformation, in line with the development trend of automation of the RV tent roof lift. The product tested in the video is the Cartuator electric roof lift system.

The Cartuator Electric Roof Lift System X01 was also tested by our customers. The X01 is mostly applicable to VW T series, Fiat, Renault, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and other brand campers. The lift height, load capacity and cam size can be customized, and even manual lift function can be realized. The maximum roof weight is 65 KG, maximum lift height is 1000mm, maximum lift speed is 8mm/s, mounting dimensions: L715mm * W60mm * H75mm, total weight is about 5.4kg. The electric roof lift system includes two sets of aluminum/stainless steel Antuator electric linear actuators ANT-35, two hinges, two end mounting brackets, two cams, one wired hand control panel, one synchronized controller and one wireless remote control.

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